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What We Do At Friends Of The Cats

So just what do we do at Friends Of The Cats in Accrington … ? Probably seems very simple really, but it’s not, it’s time consuming and above all heart breaking to see how we the human race treat both domestic and wild creatures, not just cats but dogs, rabbits and a every creature.

Fortunately there are those like our volunteers who dedicate hours of their time and considerable finance to help and assist our efforts, and provide love and care for all sorts of animals but especially the cats around East Lancashire.

We live in a world were consumerism has taken over we want it today without much thought about tomorrow, but when we are talking about a living breathing creature, its a completely different ball game. Once you take them home you have a legal responsibility to care for there health and welbeing.

Remember the phrase; A pet is not just for Christmas, its a life time responsibility, which shouldn’t be made on a whim.

The other sad fact is that many people think that a cat because it can hunt can be just tossed outside to fend for it’s self … So that’s fine … ! Well no it’s NOT.

Keeping, having any pet is both time consuming and costs money and is a responsibility.

Within East Lancashire, there are many cats who are just abandoned, or because they are not receiving the human interaction they need or due to abuse, end up on our streets some living as individuals, some in colonies. A large percentage are young cats, who because they have not been neutered, or had vaccinations end up with kittens or in a terrible state of health and of course running the risk of injury from vehicles on the roads as they try to navigate our world to find food and shelter.

At six months old a female cat is the equivalent of your or my teenage daughter in maturity, stop think about that .. just for a second ……. What would be your reaction or mine if she come home and announced she was having a baby ……….. YES that’s the reality for a street cat.

So Who Are Friends Of The Cats

Started by Andy Richards, Friends Of The Cats, monitors and rescues cats from across East Lancashire, provides them with veterinary care with the support of Vets4Pets in Accrington, fostering and ultimately adoption to a forever home.

Andy along with a dedicated team of volunteers, go out to known areas which might have a colony of feral or stray or abandoned cats, sometimes a concerned member of the public will call to say that they have seen a cat in their area and express concern.

Firstly we go and take a look, assess if possible how many and the condition of the cat or colony, and then provide food and human contact with the hope of gaining there confidence, which we hope will allow us to trap them with special cages, which ensure they are not injured in the process.

Then the team at Vets4Pets give them a health check, provide primary care with neutering, microchipping, de-worming, de-fleeing and if required medication and tend to any injuries.

Then we at Friends Of The Cats set about finding a foster home and a forever home.

We have very exacting guidelines and conditions for the prospective new family who provide a forever home, which ensure as far as possible they understand the commitment and responsibility that they are undertaking, we don’t want to find that our beloved rescue cat, that has perhaps already been traumatised is back on the streets, we encourage adoptive families to contact us if they are having problems, and of course we require a small fee to assist in covering the medical care that has been provided.