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This is the story of Jasmine as we and the team at Vets4Pets in Accrington named her, we can’t of course be 100% sure of her origins, but piecing together information we received at the time, we have a pretty good idea about her story.

She was either abandoned or born feral around the church area of Accrington and spent her young life fending for herself near KFC and the new firestation, living of scraps given to her by people in the parking area behind KFC, which probably explains her love of chicken and no other form of meat or fish, which is unusual for a cat they normally adore fish especially tuna, but no not Jasmine.

When she came to our attention in September 2017 she was very wary of strangers or any other cats and in a terrible state and showed signs of perhaps having a heart condition.

However we didn’t give up and finally after about 10 days managed to trap her and take her along to Vets4Pets.

The team estimated she was approximately 18 months old, she was covered in fleas, lice and appeared to have been in fights as her lower jaw showed signs of injury, nothing serious or life threatening. However her weight and size was of great concern.

So began her rehabilitation, the team de-liced her, de-flead her, de wormed her and bathed her with skin products as her fur was very thin and skin in bad condition … however this little lady within a few days was, as with most cats learning that not all humans are bad and she soon began to trust, seek attention and cuddles from the staff.

She was given a full course of vaccinations, microchipped and of course neutered, and her heart was checked and the results came back clear, so probably stress related.

Then came the task of finding her a forever home, and along with ourselves at Friends Of The Cats the vet team set about the task of finding her a new home as well.

Well she was adopted by a family in Haslingden, who already had three cats, all indoor cats who ranged from 17 years old to 7 years old, she was accepted immediately and is now an integral part of the family.

As the family will tell you it wasn’t at all easy at first, she had been feral for her entire life, so the first step was to socialise her with the others, and get her to use the litter tray, the litter tray came quite easy and gradually she lost her timid nervous attitude towards the others.

She now loves to play, and even accepted to wear a harness and go for short walks, however she remains very wary of everything beyond the safety of the home and her adopted family.

In 2018 she was joined by Phoebe, a 12 week old kitten born feral, and who was in terrible shape, but the family came to the rescue again. And Phoebe was not just adopted by the family but by one of the original cats who began to mother her and treat her as her own kitten. Phoebe is now a member of the family fully trained and socialised and growing, healthy apart from one or two lingering problems caused by her early life, but not life threatening.

Phoebe relaxing & with her adopted mum.