If your cat is microchipped remember to keep your details up to date with the registration organisation and your vet.


If your planning on travelling with your feline companion remember to ensure vaccinations are

up to date.


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Should My Cat Be Indoors or Outdoors …?

It’s a question which confronts almost all cat owners today, and the answers are varied depending on who you ask the question too. With living styles changing, and more people living in flats with no direct access to the outside, many are joining the trend of training their cats to walk on leads with an harness.

Others who either live in the country side or have access to a garden, claim that this trend is actually not in the best interests of cats as it restricts their natural instinct for self control and freedom to follow their natural inquisitive instincts.

The answer really depends upon your cat ……!, some felines will take quite easily to wearing a harness and walk quite happily with their companions, ride on a bus for example, and take great pleasure in the close contact they have with their human companions.

One thing is for sure whether you cat is an indoor or outdoor feline they need stimulation and some breeds more than others. Another trend is to equip your home to be cat friendly, this might mean purchasing a cat tree, which come in various sizes and provide varying degrees of options for exercise, others go a lot further and equip there entire homes with wall mounted structures which link rooms and allow there furry companions to climb, jump, relax and exercise.

There is of course also for many the safety aspect, a cat living indoors generally lives longer than an outdoor cat as they are not in contact with cars for example, they are less likely to catch illnesses, or be brought into contact with substances which can cause great pain and be fatal such as antifreeze, insecticides or rat poison.

Not Everyone Is A Lover Of Cats … !

Cats crave affection and are easy prey to those in society who hate and despise them, basically because they do not understand that cats are both independent minded and very social creatures.

There have been numerous reports in both the local and national press of cats being poisoned, tortured and mutilated, so the choice of keeping your feline indoors or allowing them to roam freely outside depends on your personal attachment to your companion, your location and your desire to protect them.

There is no real right or wrong answer, but given the attention they desire, and if their stimulation and exercise needs can be met then cats will adapt to an indoor life quite easily.

And contrary to some reports they love walking with their human companions on a lead and harness.

Do I still need my companion Microchipping and Neutering if they are an indoor cat … ?

The answer to this question is YES whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat you should still protect them in the same way for the exact same reasons.

Even an indoor cat may decide to go for a walk about, or someone might leave a door open and your companion being instinctively inquisitive may decide to explore alone. If you have for example a pedigree cat, Bengal, Abyssinian, Siamese for example they may get stolen as they can be very valuable so microchipping will assist in retrieving and identifying you companion.

And if they are found due to injury or found roaming vets will always check to see if they have a microchip, microchipping also assists in proving ownership