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Cat Fact - Cats suffer from stress very easily

Cat Fact - Our world is a dangerous place for cats

Cat Fact - Cats love being with humans and the companionship

Cat Fact - The best place for your companion is in their own home

Cat Fact - Find a good home sitting service for your companion if you can’t take them with you

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Should I Take My Furball With Me ?

Use A Cattery Or Home Sitting Service …… !

Lets look at the facts ;

Fact number one, cats get stressed when removed from their home surroundings and the things that they know.

Fact number two, cats are very social creatures, contrary to many beliefs, whether that’s because they live with other pets or in close contact with there owners.

Of course if you can take your furball(s) way with you then that’s the best solution for both yourself and your companion(s). However that’s not always possible, taking them on a plane, travelling long distances will be both stressful for your pets and yourself, and not everywhere is pet friendly.

So what are the other options …? Well a cattery could be the answer, however a growing trend is to allow your pets to remain within the comfort and protection of their own home and surroundings and engage the services of a home sitting service.


If your cat is microchipped remember to keep your details up to date with the registration organisation and your vet.


If your planning on travelling with your feline companion remember to ensure vaccinations are

up to date.


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The first question is. How many cats do I have ?, many catteries, however good they are have catios that will only allow two or possible three cats to stay together, so if you have for example four, then they would have to be split up, not the best solution for cats that have been together over many years or who suffer from anxiety

The second question is. Have my cats had all the required vaccinations ?. Catteries will ask to see your vaccination certificate from the vet, prior to accepting your reservation, and for example if your cats are indoor cats they may not have all the vaccinations required, such as a cat flu vaccination, they may require you to prove that your furball has been dewormed, treated for fleas and lice. Not all catteries can provide medication for your companion either, so check if they can provide injections and have a qualified member of staff.

So what about home sitting … !

It’s a growing trend, not expensive and can have a number of advantages.

The first of course is that your furballs are kept together in their natural environment, so less stress. No need to split up your companions either.

No need to go to addition expenditure of additional vaccinations, and many home sitters add extra’s, like ensuring your home is safe, making it look to outsiders like you are still at home by doing simple things like drawing the drapes, putting out the waste bins, even switching lights on or a tv and then off again.

Many will send you daily updates and images, so you also feel more relaxed, everyone's a winner.

If you do decide to engage a home sitting service ask for references, request a meeting prior to confirming the booking, Has the sitter got cats of there own and for how long have they had them, are always good questions to ask. Can they give medication if required is another, ensure they are taking notes.

And arrange a second meeting as close to your departure date as possible for them to collect the key. Never give it to them weeks in advance.

Other advantages of home sitting are if you have other pets such as a dog or rabbits etc these can be included and looked after as well normally at no additional cost, however a small fee maybe requested for walking your dog.

One company we know of will even install a CCTV WiFi cam, that is of course if you have an internet connection and live stream you action from your home to your mobile phone (smart phone only) so that you can check up on your companions at anytime to ensure they are fine.

This also means they can check 24/7 on your companions even when not there, however, there are conditions to this service firstly the length of your vacation must exceed five days the device will be removed on the day of your return, only one device will be installed in your home and you must sign a consent form.