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Cat Flu - Is potentially deadly for your cat

Cats are natural predictors whether they show it or not

What should you do if your cat seems to be acting strangely .. ? Visit the vet urgently they can’t tell if they are ill but the signs are there

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Cats are carnivores and need meat in some form to survive. - Fact

A debate in recent times has seen the emergence of individuals trying to adapt their cats feeding habits to becoming solely vegetarians. This is not healthy as cats require a range of vitamins they can only get from meat products to sustain there health and welbeing.

Wet or dry food?

Dry cat foods can be a practical choice because they can be left out all day, or placed inside a feeding ball to keep your cat entertained. Dry food can help to maintain healthy teeth and gums. However, if your cat has a medical condition and requires extra water (such as urinary problems), your vet may recommend only feeding wet food.

Wet food may be more appealing to fussy cats.


Want to give your cat a treat? Why not spend some time playing with them, or giving them extra attention? This can strengthen your bond with your cat and help prevent them from becoming obese.

If you do give your cat a food treat, make sure you limit the amount you give so your cat doesn't gain weight.

Cat food treats are best, although a little bit of well-cooked fresh chicken or fish is okay.

Liver can make your cat sick if given too frequently. Don't give your cat liver more than once a week.

Cats get Bored With The Same Food - Fact

Cats are notorious for going of their food, just like you they enjoy a varied diet, so it might be chicken today … ! But tomorrow they might fancy beef, turkey or something with vegetables or a sauce.

Vary there diet according to there age and tastes, this will ensure your cat gets the right vitamins, textures and keep them happy and contented companions.

Special diets

Special foods are available for cats with additional dietary needs, such as:


If your cat is microchipped remember to keep your details up to date with the registration organisation and your vet.


If your planning on travelling with your feline companion remember to ensure vaccinations are

up to date.


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