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Cat Flu - Is potentially deadly for your cat

Cats are natural predictors whether they show it or not

What should you do if your cat seems to be acting strangely .. ? Visit the vet urgently they can’t tell if they are ill but the signs are there

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Complete or complementary food?

Your cat needs a balanced diet that is rich in meat proteins.

Complete cat foods provide everything your cat needs. By choosing a good quality complete cat food from a reputable brand, your cat should get all the nutrients they need.

Complementary cat foods are treats that can be given occasionally. If you give your cat food treats, include them as part of your cat's daily ration so that they don't gain weight.

Wet Or Dry Food Spaying/Neutering And Vaccinations Microchipping

The importance of microchipping

Whether you've got a new kitten or you've adopted a cat, it is particularly important to microchip your pet. Unlike collars, microchips don't come off, or put cats at risk of collar-related injuries.

The procedure itself is easy and for your cat, it is no more painful than an injection. Your cat won't even be aware of the microchip's presence once it has been inserted.

The importance of neutering & Vaccination

With thousands of unwanted cats in the UK, one of The Friends Of The Cat’s key aims is to champion the neutering/spaying message. Cats are effective breeders, so making sure your cat is neutered/spayed.

And ensure they are vaccinated to keep them healthy and avoid unwanted illnesses which can be fatal.

Should My Cat Be Indoors or Outdoors …?

It’s a question which confronts almost all cat owners today, and the answers are varied depending on who you put the question to.

 With living styles changing, and more people living in flats with no direct access to the outside, many are joining the trend of training their cats to walk on leads with an harness.

There is no right or wrong answer really.


If your cat is microchipped remember to keep your details up to date with the registration organisation and your vet.


If your planning on travelling with your feline companion remember to ensure vaccinations are

up to date.


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