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Do stray cats make good pets ?

What does it mean when a cats

ear is clipped ?

Can stray cats have rabies ?

Can you domesticate a feral cat ?

Do feral cats live in colonies ?

Can feral cats survive winter ?

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Adult Cats Available For Adoption

This is Hoople, she is q young female cat who came to us with her litter of kittens, although young she has proved to be a great mother.

Once her kittens are ready to go to forever homes she will also be looking for a family to adopt her, and keep her safe in the future.

poorly kitten Stardust's beautiful mummy.

She is needing a home as well as her kittens. Hoople is barely out of short trousers herself She is very friendly and a very affectionate cat.

She may be OK with another cat, once parted from her kittens.

No busy roads or very young children please.

Percy is a shy, quiet cat who needs somebody to love him.

He was living stray for quite some time but is adjusting well to being indoors.

He's made fantastic progress in foster but will need a patient home where he'll be allowed to fully socialise in his own time.

Percy is a young cat with years and years ahead of him to share love with that special person who'll give him a chance. Could that be you?

Trevor is needing a home on a farm, stables or somewhere with safe outdoor space where he can do his own thing.

We stumbled upon him in Accrington town centre while catching two other cats in danger around there. Trevor was crossing roads every day and putting himself at risk. On capture, he was found to be feral and has resisted attempts to socialise him.

He was mixing happily with other cats on the streets so would be better going somewhere that has cats already.

Trevor is a young adult cat who seems to be perfectly healthy. I am happy to drive him anywhere in the country to the home that meets his needs.

He must have shelter and daily feed and must not be placed in a position where he's used merely for rodent control and is forced to hunt for his food.

Please either comment below or PM me if you can help Trevor find his happy place in this world.

Bella is a lovely young cat who needs a new home.

She's turned up stray at a neighbours but they can't keep her.

Bella is affectionate and will be a great pet.

 Please get in touch if you can offer her a home.

Leo is a super-friendly young cat who turned up at the home of one of our helpers.

He was jumping up at the windows, trying to be let in! Because of the rural location, there's every chance that Leo was dumped at the side of the road and went to the nearest house.

He's a very happy cat who is fine with others, so will be a dream cat to welcome into your home.