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8 Blackburn Road, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 1HD


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Welcome To The Friends Of The Cats Website.

Friends Of The Cats is based in Hyndburn or to be more precise Accrington in the northern heartlands of the industrial revolution. It’s purpose is to gather together people who adore our feline companions who have roamed along side us since prehistoric times in one form or another.

Cats are prolific breeders and if left unchecked a female can have as many as six litters per year and this starts from approximately the age of three or four months …imagine.

It is estimated that today in the UK there are as many as 8 million both domestic, feral or stray or abandoned cats in the UK, and the figure is increasing constantly.

In Hyndburn there are a large number of feral and stray cats, and our aim is to try to capture or rescue them when appropriate, ensure they receive health checks which we do in partnership with Vets4Pets at the Accrington branch, then find foster homes and long term adoption within a forever home. All the cats we rescue are given a complete health check, microchipped, neutered and vaccinated whilst with the vet team, prior to being fostered and then being made available for adoption.

We rely  on donations, events and our charity shop at No 8 Blackburn Road, Accrington and our volunteers who devote their time, love and provide financial support to ensure that we can rescue and protect as many cats as possible from abuse and harm.

When did humans start having cats as pets ?

Since cats were venerated in ancient Egypt, they were commonly believed to have been domesticated there, but there may have been instances of domestication as early as the Neolithic period from around 9,500 years ago (7,500 BC).

When did cats come to the UK ?

Evidence of early domestic cats in Britain comes from an Iron Age (in Britain, about 800 BC–AD 43) settlement called Gussage All Saints, near Dorset in southern England. Excavations in this settlement revealed the skeletons of several cats, including five kittens. They have been dated to around 250 BC

Why Are There So Many Feral And Stray & Abandoned Cats ?

The answer is a complex one, firstly cats are, even the cuddly kitten you got for Christmas, are basically wild, independent creatures, they retain there natural instincts throughout their lives, hunters who can prowl around without you even knowing they are there.

They are playful and enjoy companionship and interaction with humans, exceptionally trusting and devoted on there own terms, but if that trust is abused they will turn back to being independent minded free spirits.

Then of course there are those who find that cuddly, playful kitten so adorable, without realising that you pet is going to be a financial burden for the rest of it’s life and that could be 20 years.

Most cat owners accept these responsibility willingly and the special relationships they have with there feline companions.

Others see them as something they can put outside during the day or night, cynically with the idea that they can hunt and support themselves, so they become just an object, the latest must have thing to adorn the home.

Pets Are Not Just For Christmas !

We have all heard this phrase, but its so true, any pet feline, rabbit, dog etc.. Are living breathing creatures who given care and respect will provide in return love, affection, hours of playful entertainment and companionship. It is a sad fact of life some owners simply abandon there cats for financial reasons or because many landlords prohibit them from having pets.